De Fridge

The Best fridge repair service in Gurgaon

Have you a costly and your most favorite refrigerator which has been purchased by you or gifted to you by your own? Is it working properly or you are facing some problem during its operation? If it is, no need to sell your refrigerator to the scrap dealer. We provide fridge repair service in Gurgaon for all types of the refrigerator that you use.  We have 10 plus years of experience in serving the fridges that have side by side door, single door, double door, residential or commercial assembly.  Services that we provide are affordable and long-lasting. Our expert technicians are well versed in the following services:

  • Service (Required in every 6 months) of a fridge
  • Removing electrical problems like an electrical shockwave, inside light problems, fridge compressor repair, gas filing services, breakage repair
  • Shipment of a fridge from one place to another place
  • Increasing the cooling capacity
  • Decreasing the light consumption and all services that you required as fridge repair service in Gurgaon sector 14.

A compressor is the most essential part of any fridge/refrigerator. It requires a special maintenance and regular service so that it could work for a long time.  We are one of the best fridge repair service provider in Gurgaon and known for fridge compressor repair. Most of the customer search for gas filling services only, which is one of the most careful tasks following the guidelines of the manufacturing company.

With our extensive training in fridge repairing, you can be assured of the excellence service. Our motive is to deliver the best service that keeps your favorite home appliance as comfortable as it was in the new condition.